The Green Energy Park is actively working to grow its sculpture garden and artistic presence. In addition to the pieces displayed onsite by tenants and friends of the park, the GEP began hosting a yearly sculpture competition in 2008 to give local artists a place to showcase their work while beautifying the park. 


Praying Mantis & Ants

A graduate from East Carolina University, Matt Paitt worked as an intern at the GEP for the Summer/Fall seasons in 2011. He is currently a teacher in Japan.


BOB DOSTER (Lancaster, NC)
Box of Souls
Stainless Steel

Box of Souls is a contemporary sculpture constructed from a stainless steel box and then cut away to reveal empty space in the shape of numerous geometric and representational figures including the sun and stars, humans and animals.

A winner of the 2007 Southern Arts Federation Award, Doster has had his sculptures displayed throughout the Southeastern United States and around the world. He is an internationally acclaimed sculptor whose unique style of metal art ranges from accent pieces with a whimsical feel to large-scale installed sculptures.

Doster has been providing artwork, educational programs, and arts resources to individuals, corporations, schools, and organizations for more than thirty years. His commitment to engaging and educating youth was formally recognized in 2006, when he received the Elizabeth O’Neill Verner award for outstanding achievement and contributions to the arts. This award is the highest honor South Carolina bestows on artists.

Belly of the beast

Box #4 Belly of the Beast

Blaine Johnston was the winner of the first annual sculpture competition.  Two of Blaine's metal sculptures were chosen by a panel of local artists and educators for installation at the park.  Johnston's works are monumental metal sculptures with a commanding presence.  Both "Box #3" and "Box #4" are fabricated out of steel.  Their rusted surface compliments the parks natural beauty, while the enormity of their scale commands attention.  

Blaine Johnston is an accomplished wood worker and sculptor, as well as a third generation furniture maker.   A graduate of Western Carolina University, Johnston received his BFA in sculpture.